Cool Product Info

This website has been especially designed for anyone who is looking to find basic information on some popular products that kids of today may be asking for. My cool product info page covers some general information about the various different product categories.

I have provided reviews on some the products mentioned in the following posts. Some are for ones that I believe are safe and enjoyable for both kids and adults, and others which I believe are not! All my reviews include alternative products, price comparisons, pros, cons and an overall rating based on my own experience and opinion.

I hope that this information will guide you to making the right decisions on which products to purchase when your kids are nagging you to buy them! I know what it feels like when your hear comments like “ah but dad, everyone at school has got one!!”. Sometimes you just need to know whether it is worth buying or not. That is why I have decided to share my experiences with you to help you decide.

I will only provide information and reviews on products that have been tried and tested either by myself, my kids or someone that I know and trust.

Please drop me an email in my contact me section if you have any queries at all. Thanks for stopping by.

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